pg_chameleon replica system

pg_chameleon is a MySQL to PostgreSQL replica system written in Python 3. The tool can connect to the mysql replication protocol and replicate the data changes in PostgreSQL. Whether the user needs to setup a permanent replica between MySQL and PostgreSQL or perform an engine migration, pg_chameleon is the perfect tool for the job.

Release announcement 2.0.14

on 26 July 2020

This maintenance release improves the support for spatial datatypes. When postgis is installed on the target database then the spatial data types point,geometry,linestring,polygon, multipoint, multilinestring, geometrycollection are converted to geometry and the data is replicated using the Well-Known Binary (WKB) Format. As the MySQL implementation for WKB is not standard pg_chameleon removes the first 4 bytes from the decoded binary data before sending it to PostgreSQL. When keep_existing_schema is set to yes now drops and recreates indices, and primary keys during the init_replica process.

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Release announcement 2.0.13

on 5 July 2020

This maintenance release adds the EXPERIMENTAL support for Point datatype thanks to the contribution by @jovankricka-everon. The support is currently limited to only the POINT datatype with hardcoded stuff to keep the init_replica and the replica working. However as this feature is related with PostGIS, the next point release will rewrite this part of code using a more general approach. The release adds the keep_existing_schema parameter in the MySQL source type.

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Release announcement 2.0.12

on 11 December 2019

This maintenance release fixes the issue #96 where the replica initialisation failed on MySQL 8 because of the wrong field names pulled out from the information_schema. Thanks to daniel-qcode for contributing with his fix. The configuration and SQL files are now moved inside into the directory pg_chameleon. This change simplifies the file and allow pg_chameleon to be built as source and wheel package. As python 3.4 has now reached its end-of-life and has been retired the minimum requirement for pg_chameleon has been updated to Python 3.

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Release announcement 2.0.11

on 25 October 2019

This maintenance release fixes few things. As reported in issue #95 the yaml files were not completely valid. Thanks to rebtoor which fixed them. clifff made a pull request to have the start_replica running in foreground when log_file set to stdout. Previously the process remained in background with the log set to stdout. As Travis seems to break down constantly the CI configuration is disabled until a fix or a different CI is found .

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