Release announcement 2.0.12

11 December 2019

This maintenance release fixes the issue #96 where the replica initialisation failed on MySQL 8 because of the wrong field names pulled out from the information_schema. Thanks to daniel-qcode for contributing with his fix.

The configuration and SQL files are now moved inside into the directory pg_chameleon. This change simplifies the file and allow pg_chameleon to be built as source and wheel package.

As python 3.4 has now reached its end-of-life and has been retired the minimum requirement for pg_chameleon has been updated to Python 3.5.

Changelog from v2.0.11

  • Fixes for issue #96 thanks to @daniel-qcode
  • Change for configuration and SQL files location
  • Package can build now as source and wheel
  • The minimum python requirements now is 3.5
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