Release announcement 2.0.13

5 July 2020

This maintenance release adds the EXPERIMENTAL support for Point datatype thanks to the contribution by @jovankricka-everon.

The support is currently limited to only the POINT datatype with hardcoded stuff to keep the init_replica and the replica working. However as this feature is related with PostGIS, the next point release will rewrite this part of code using a more general approach.

The release adds the keep_existing_schema parameter in the MySQL source type. When set to Yes init_replica,refresh_schema and sync_tables do not recreate the affected tables using the data from the MySQL source. Instead the existing tables are truncated and the data is reloaded.

A REINDEX TABLE is executed in order to have the indices in good shape after the reload. The next point release will very likely improve the approach on the reload and reindexing.

When keep_existing_schema is set to Yes the parameter grant_select_to have no effect.

From this release the codebase switched from tabs to spaces, following the guidelines in PEP-8.

Changelog from v2.0.12

  • EXPERIMENTAL support for Point datatype - @jovankricka-everon
  • Add keep_existing_schema in MySQL source type to keep the existing scema in place instead of rebuilding it from the mysql source
  • Change tabs to spaces in code
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