Release announcement 2.0.11

25 October 2019

This maintenance release fixes few things. As reported in issue #95 the yaml files were not completely valid. Thanks to rebtoor which fixed them.

clifff made a pull request to have the start_replica running in foreground when log_file set to stdout. Previously the process remained in background with the log set to stdout.

As Travis seems to break down constantly the CI configuration is disabled until a fix or a different CI is found .

The method which loads the yaml file is now using an explicit loader as required by the new PyYAML version.

Previously with newer version of PyYAML there was a warning emitted by the library because the default loader is unsafe.

Changelog from v2.0.10

  • Fix wrong formatting for yaml example files. @rebtoor
  • Make start_replica run in foreground when log_file == stdout . @clifff
  • Travis seems to break down constantly, Disable the CI until a fix is found. Evaluate to use a different CI.
  • Add the add loader to yaml.load as required by the new PyYAML version.
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