Release announcement 2.0.4

4 March 2018

The maintenance release 2.0.4 fix the wrong handling of the ALTER TABLE when generating the MODIFY translation. The regression was added in the version 2.0.3 and can result in a broken replica process.

This version improves the way to handle the replica from tables with dropped columns in the future. The python-mysql-replication library with this commit adds a way to manage the replica with the tables having columns dropped before the read replica is started.

Previously the auto generated column name caused the replica process to crash as the type map dictionary didn’t had the corresponding key.

The version 2.0.4 handles the KeyError exception and allow the row to be stored on the PostgreSQL target database. However this will very likely cause the table to be removed from the replica in the replay step. A debug log message is emitted when this happens in order to when the issue occurs.

Changelog from v2.0.3

  • Fix regression added in 2.0.3 when handling MODIFY DDL
  • Improved handling of dropped columns during the replica
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