Release announcement 2.0.2

21 January 2018

This bugfix relase adds a missing functionality which wasn’t added during the application development and fixes a bug in the sync_tables command.

Previously the parameter batch_retention was ignored making the replayed batches to accumulate in the table sch_chameleon.t_replica_batch with the conseguent performance degradation over time.

This release solves the issue re enabling the batch_retention. Please note that after upgrading there will be an initial replay lag building. This is normal as the first cleanup will have to remove a lot of rows. After the cleanup is complete the replay will resume as usual.

The new private method _swap_enums added to the class pg_engine moves the enumerated types from the loading schema to the destination schema when the method swap_tables is executed by the command sync_tables.

Previously when running sync_tables tables with enum fields were created on PostgreSQL without the corresponding enumerated types. This happened because the custom enumerated type were not moved into the destination schema and therefore dropped along with the loading schema when the procedure performed the final cleanup.

Changelog from v2.0.1

  • Fix for issue #61, missing post replay cleanup for processed batches.
  • add private method _swap_enums to the class pg_engine which moves the enumerated types from the loading to the destination schema.
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