Release announcement 2.0.1

14 January 2018

The first maintenance release of pg_chameleon v2 adds a performance improvement in the read replica process when the variables limit_tables or skip_tables are set.

Previously all the rows were read from the replica stream as the BinLogStreamReader do not allow the usage of the tables in the form of schema_name.table_name. This caused a large amount of useless data hitting the replica log tables as reported in the issue #58.

The private method __store_binlog_event now evaluates the row schema and table and returns a boolean value on whether the row or query should be stored or not into the log table.

The release fixes also a crash in read replica if an alter table added a column was of type character varying.

Changelog from v2.0.0

  • Fix for issue #58. Improve the read replica performance by filtering the row images when limit_tables/skip_tables are set.
  • Make the read_replica_stream method private.
  • Fix read replica crash if in alter table a column was defined as character varying
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