pg_chameleon replica system

pg_chameleon is a MySQL to PostgreSQL replica system written in Python 3. The tool can connect to the mysql replication protocol and replicate the data changes in PostgreSQL. Whether the user needs to setup a permanent replica between MySQL and PostgreSQL or perform an engine migration, pg_chamaleon is the perfect tool for the job.

Release announcement 2.0.5

on 25 March 2018

The maintenance release 2.0.5 a regression which prevented some tables to be synced with sync_tables when the parameter limit_tables was set. Previously having two or more schemas mapped with only one schema listed in limit_tables prevented the other schema’s tables to be synchronised with sync_tables. This release add two new commands to improve the general performance and the management. The command stop_all_replicas stops all the running sources within the target postgresql database.

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Release announcement 2.0.4

on 4 March 2018

The maintenance release 2.0.4 fix the wrong handling of the ALTER TABLE when generating the MODIFY translation. The regression was added in the version 2.0.3 and can result in a broken replica process. This version improves the way to handle the replica from tables with dropped columns in the future. The python-mysql-replication library with this commit adds a way to manage the replica with the tables having columns dropped before the read replica is started.

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Release announcement 2.0.3

on 11 February 2018

The bugfix release 2.0.3 fixes the issue #63 changing all the fields i_binlog_position to bigint. Previously binlog files larger than 2GB would cause an integer overflow during the phase of write rows in the PostgreSQL database. The issue can affect also MySQL databases with smaller max_binlog_size as it seems that this value is a soft limit. As this change requires a replica catalogue upgrade is very important to follow the upgrade instructions provided below.

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Migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL

on 22 January 2018

When I started writing pg_chameleon I had in mind a tool making simple to migrate from different dbms engines to PostgreSQL. The name was inspired by the Culture Club’s Karma chameleon song which suggested me the idea of a tool capable to move data between different database technologies. Then tool’s scope changed becoming a replica system rather a migration system but I’ve kept the name as I think the idea is still valid.

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