Maintenance release upgrade

Upgrading a maintenance release is in general very simple but requires some attention.

Always check the release notes. If there is no schema upgrade the procedure is straightforward

  • Stop all the replica processes with chameleon stop_all_replicas --config <your_config>

  • Install the upgrade with pip install pg_chameleon --upgrade

  • Check if the version is upgraded with chameleon --version

  • Start all the replicas.

If the release comes with a schema upgrade, after stopping the replicas take a backup of the schema sch_chameleon with pg_dump for good measure.

pg_dump -h <your_database_server > -n sch_chameleon -Fc -f sch_chameleon.dmp -U <your_username >-d <your_database>

  • If working via ssh is suggested to use screen or tmux for the upgrade

  • Upgrade the pg_chameleon package with pip install pg_chameleon --upgrade

  • Upgrade the replica schema with the command chameleon upgrade_replica_schema --config <your_config>

  • Start the replica processes

If the upgrade procedure refuses to upgrade the catalogue because of running or errored replicas is possible to reset the statuses using the command chameleon enable_replica --source <source_name>.

If the catalogue upgrade is still not possible downgrading pgchameleon to the previous version. E.g. pip install pg_chameleon==2.0.7.

Version 1.8 to 2.0 upgrade

pg_chameleon 2.0 can upgrade an existing 1.8 replica catalogue using the command upgrade_replica_schema. As the new version supports different schema mappings within the same source the parameter schema_mappings must match all the pairs my_database destination_schema for the source database that we are configuring. Any discrepancy will abort the upgrade procedure.


  • Check the pg_chameleon version you are upgrading is 1.8.2. If not upgrade it and start the replica for each source present in the old catalogue.

    This step is required in order to have the destination and target schema’s updated from the configuration files.

  • Check the replica catalogue version is 1.7 with SELECT * FROM sch_chameleon.v_version;.

  • Check the field t_source_schema have a schema name set SELECT t_source_schema  FROM sch_chameleon.t_sources;

  • Take a backup of the existing schema sch_chameleon with pg_dump

  • Install pg_chameleon version 2 and create the configuration files executing chameleon set_configuration_files.

  • cd in ~/.pg_chameleon/configuration/ and copy the file config-example.yml in a different file e.g. cp config-example.yml upgraded.yml

  • Edit the file and set the target and source’s database connections. You may want to change the source name as well

For each configuration file in the old setup ~/.pg_chameleon/config/ using the MySQL database configured in the source you should get the values stored in my_database and destination_schema and add it to the new source’s schema_mappings.

For example, if there are two sources source_01.yaml and source_02.yaml with the following configuration:

Both sources are pointing the same MySQL database

    port: 3306
    user: my_replica
passwd: foo_bar

source_01.yaml have the following schema setup

my_database: my_schema_01
destination_schema: db_schema_01

source_02.yaml have the following schema setup

my_database: my_schema_02
destination_schema: db_schema_02

The new source’s database configuration should be

        host: ""
        port: "3306"
        user: "my_replica"
        password: "foo_bar"
        charset: 'utf8'
        connect_timeout: 10
            my_schema_01: db_schema_01
            my_schema_02: db_schema_02


Execute the following command chameleon upgrade_replica_schema --config upgraded

The procedure checks if the start catalogue version is 1.7 and fails if the value is different. After answering YES the procedure executes the following steps.

  • Replays any exising batches present in the catalogue 1.7

  • Checks if the schema_mappings are compatible with the values stored in the schema sch_chameleon

  • Renames the schema sch_chameleon to _sch_chameleon_version1

  • Installs a new 2.0 schema in sch_chameleon

  • Stores a new source using the schema mappings

  • Migrates the existing tables into the new catalogue using the replica batch data to store the tables start of consistent point.

  • Determines maximum and minimum point for the binlog coordinates and use them for writing the new batch start point and the source’s consistent point

If the migration is successful, before starting the replica process is better to check that all tables are correctly mapped with

chameleon show_status --source upgraded


If something goes wrong during the upgrade procedure, then the changes are rolled back. The schema sch_chameleon is renamed to _sch_chameleon_version2 and the previous version’s schema _sch_chameleon_version1 is put batck to sch_chameleon. If this happens the procedure 1.8.2 will continue to work as usual. The schema _sch_chameleon_version2 can be used to check what went wrong.

Before attempting a new upgrade schema _sch_chameleon_version2 should be dropped or renamed in order to avoid a schema conflict in the case of another failure.